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Free Pre-Construction Consulting

Our engineers provide free pre-construction consulting, which includes rendering predictive models to help you understand the impact of construction on RF coverage. We maintain a direct relationship with Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJ) and fire marshals in every city to stay up-to-date with trends, changes, and compliance requirements, enabling us to design and maintain quality solutions.

ERRCS Design and Permitting

Our FCC-licensed team provides design-focused solutions for your wireless carrier system needs. We perform benchmark RF grid tests per Fire Code Section 510, testing all frequencies per local and county requirements to identify any coverage deficiencies throughout the building for first responders. If coverage is insufficient, an ERRCS must be designed, permitted, and installed.

Benchmark RF Grid Testing

Our team of FCC Licensed Level 3 iBwave Certified RF Designers provides tailored solutions for building code requirements and EERCS. We design and engineer the solution, obtain city approval, and then integrate and install it seamlessly.

RF Engineering

Our DAS Systems engineers use state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to deliver any ERRCS design that your organization may require. Our team is capable of value engineering any novel system with all challenges and end goals considered.

ERRCS Installation

Our ERRCS installations are aesthetically matched with your building and deliver supreme Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ), which first responders appreciate in an emergency. We take pride in our workmanship, which distinguishes our finished product from our competitors. This keeps us up to date with trends and changes and offers us insight into ongoing developments, which ultimately helps us design and maintain quality-oriented solutions.

Recertification and Maintenance

Annual recertification and maintenance are federally and locally mandated requirements per building codes for ERRCS. We offer long-term coverage and maintenance plans to help you stay up-to-code and meet the yearly requirements.